Do free email accounts provide unlimited storage of messages?

Yes: some of them do, but by all means, not all of them. Historically, if we look back, the storage capacity of free email accounts - we are basically referring to webmail accounts - was meager. For example, Yahoo! provided a storage capacity of only 25MB in 2002. The launch of Google's Gmail - in 2004 - set about a chain reaction, where webmail providers began to compete amongst each other to provide the largest amount of free storage. This culminated in Yahoo! offering unlimited storage by 2007. However, on the whole, most free accounts do have a storage limit of around 1GB-10GB; which in reality, should be more than enough to meet the needs of virtually any user. You would suspect the only time a user would require 10GB of storage is when the account becomes the victim of emailing spam/bombing. Some users have been disgruntled by the advertising blurb of some providers - like Microsoft - who have marketed their free accounts as having "virtually unlimited storage" when in fact it does/did have a storage limit of 5GB.

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